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Co-Owner Upgrade

An ownership share is $250. You may elect to purchase up to $500 in shares.  Existing Co-Owners wishing to increase their ownership to the $500 level, can do so using this page.

Please note that additional shares do not grant any additional votes or privileges. For more information, please see our bylaws.  

These additional funds remain in Owner Capital, and are used to open our doors.

We also accept payments of $25 or $50. The Rogers Park Food Co-op does not charge any processing fees, nor is there a fee for installment payments.

If you have any questions about payments or invoicing, please email payments.rogersparkfood@gmail.com.

 It is your responsibility to provide Rogers Park Food Co-op with a current mailing address should the above information change.

As with any investment, your ownership share is subject to risk. If the Co-op is unsuccessful, the Board of Directors will determine distribution of remaining assets. Every effort will be made to refund the paid portion of your co-owner equity share.

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